• The EXPO is at the Shelby Farms FedEx Events Center
  • Training begins July 8
  • TRAINING is at five separate locations ~ LOCATIONS are listed on each group's page on the website (left side)
  • Training is every Monday evening at 6:30 (NO training Labor Day weekend)
  • Training starts promptly at 6:30pm.
  • Please arrive early for any announcements, guest speakers, etc.
  • Cost is $35 until midnight June 24th. After midnight June 25th, $40
  • Registration is open until midnight, July 22nd OR when we reach 1,200 registration cap, whichever comes first.
  • You do not have to make every training. Just keep your schedule and workout on your own.
  • Shirts will be distributed at the EXPO. Shirts will also be at every training session after that
  • You can bring your baby TO THE EXPO.
  • NO children, strollers or carriers allowed at any training. It is far too hot for little ones.
  • If you do not know which group you should be in, guidelines are posted on the group's pages on this website, or you can visit with your coaches June 24th at the EXPO
  • You CAN change groups after the program starts.
  • WALKERS only walk
  • Beginning runners and the Intermediate groups all use some form of Walk/Run, the length of the run determined by which group you're in, with Beginners doing the least running and Intermediate 2 doing the most.
  • Why do you do this program in the heat of the summer? Good question - we have tried it at different times of the year but believe it or not it just comes down to this: most of the participants are moms and working women and the only time of year that there is a little time for "you" is when it is not baseball season, tax season, TCAP season, holiday season....well you get the idea. This just works for most participants and we are sticking with it.
  • Do I have to run?
    No, we have a walking division to this program. In fact walking is a major component of the entire program where YOU determine if you remain a walker, morph into a recreational runner or even aspire to race. The program is broken down into Walkers, Beginners, Intermediate 1, Intermediate 2 and Advanced participants (See the Suggested Guidelines, below).
  • Do I have to be a member of MRTC to do this program?
    No, absolutely not. We hope that at the conclusion of this program you would stick with it, continue to participate in the many running and walking events in the community and yes - join the MRTC for all the latest news and discounts. However, for insurance reasons we do require that each participant in the program is a paid and registered attendee.
  • How do I know what group I should be in?
    Below are some detailed questions to guide you to the appropriate group. Remember - we want you to be a life long enthusiast of this sport! Pick a manageable goal and then take your time working to the next level. Even elite runners start at the beginning when returning from a hiatus. If you do not currently have a regular exercise program we encourage you to begin walking around your neighborhood three times a week right now.
    WALKERS: IF you currently walk for fitness and want to improve your walking skills OR if you DO NOT currently have a regular walking or walk/run exercise program
    BEGINNING RUNNERS: IF you currently run/walk or jog slowly up to 2 miles, 3x per week, and have never done a 5K.
    INTERMEDIATE 1: IF you currently run regularly up to 3 miles, 3x per week, and have a recent 5K with a best time of 41:00 – 45:00
    INTERMEDIATE 2: IF you currently run regularly up to 3 miles, 3x per week, and have a recent 5K with a best time of 36:00 – 40:00
    ADVANCED: IF you currently run regularly over 3 miles, 3x per week, and have a recent 5K with a best time of 35:00 or faster. Advanced Group will involve hill work and workouts 3 miles or greater at pace without walk breaks.
    (Please note: Groups will have pace groups. If you are unable to stay with the available pace groups you may be advised to move to a different Group. Please be aware that coaches are trying to meet your training needs to the best of their ability.)
  • What happens at the training?
    You will be matched with a coach in an appropriate pace group and have the undivided attention of an experienced runner. You will participate in a ‘small group within the group’ – your Pace Group - and start training together each Monday at 6:30pm. Each group will have a separate location. Furthermore you will be given a schedule for the rest of the week to continue your workouts on your own. We also will teach stretching and proper hydration and answer any questions you may have.
  • What is included in the fee?
    You will receive the aforementioned undivided attention on Monday nights, a training shirt and entry in to the 5K run.
  • Can I bring my daughter? Son? Husband? Dog? Pet Iguana?
    You are welcome to bring any human female who is 10 years old and over and is a registered participant. Keep in mind that for anyone under 18 a legal guardian must be present. As far as the others... they will just have to find something else to do on Monday nights.