Intermediate Runners 2

Beth Garrison & Dayna Lytle- Head Coach

Workout Plan

Intermediate 2 runners should currently be running 3 days or 10 miles per week

Please note *(weeks 5 & 6) group will start at 6:15 to allow for the longer run before the Park closes

9:30 - 11:30 minute pace per mile
(Three days per week, Mon/Wed/Fri work well for most participants)

Mileage includes 5 minute warm-up and cool-down
(week 1) Mon-3M, Tues-2M, Thurs-2M, Sat-3M <10M total>
(week 2) Mon-3.5M, Tues-2M, Thurs-2M, Sat-3.5M <11M total>
(week 3) Mon-4M, Tues-2M, Thurs-2M, Sat-4M <12M total>
(week 4) Mon-4.5M, Tues-2M, Thurs-2.5M, Sat-4.5M <13.5M total>
(week 5) Mon-5M, Tues-2M, Thurs-2.5M, Sat-5M <14.5M total>
(week 6) Mon-4M, Tues-3M, Thurs-3M, Sat-5M <15M total>
(week 7) Mon-3.5M, Tues-3M, Thurs-3M, Sat-6M <15.5M total>
(week8) Mon-3 M, Tues-3M, Thurs-4M, Sat- 5M <15M total>
(week 9) Mon(Labor Day NO TRAINING)-3M, Wed-3M,
Sat-Race Day! <9.1 total>

Meeting Location

Training is every Monday promptly at 6:30 (please arrive early) by Gate #10 at the Mullins Station Road entrance. Parking will be inside the park gates (if you remember Starry nights, it will be where the gift shop was located, in the grassy area between the entrance and exit).


Training will be held. We will slow pace and reduce distance if needed for heat index warnings.