Intermediate Runners 2

Beth Garrison & April Adair - Head Coaches

Workout Plan

Intermediate 2 runners should currently be running 3 days or 10 miles per week

Please note *(weeks 5 & 6) group will start at 6:15 to allow for the longer run before the Park closes

9:30 - 11:30 minute pace per mile
(Three days per week, Mon/Wed/Fri work well for most participants)

Mileage includes 5 minute warm-up and cool-down
(week 1) Mon-3M, Tues-2M, Thurs-2M, Sat-3M <10M total>
(week 2) Mon-3.5M, Tues-2M, Thurs-2M, Sat-3.5M <11M total>
(week 3) Mon-4M, Tues-2M, Thurs-2M, Sat-4M <12M total>
(week 4) Mon-4.5M, Tues-2M, Thurs-2.5M, Sat-4.5M <13.5M total>
(week 5) Mon-5M, Tues-2M, Thurs-2.5M, Sat-5M <14.5M total>
(week 6) Mon-4M, Tues-3M, Thurs-3M, Sat-5M <15M total>
(week 7) Mon-3.5M, Tues-3M, Thurs-3M, Sat-6M <15.5M total>
(week8) Mon-3 M, Tues-3M, Thurs-4M, Sat- 5M <15M total>
(week 9) Mon(Labor Day NO TRAINING)-3M, Wed-3M,
Sat-Race Day! <9.1 total>

Meeting Location

Training is every Monday promptly at 6:30 (please arrive early) by Gate #10 at the Mullins Station Road entrance. Parking will be inside the park gates.


Training will be held. We will slow pace and reduce distance if needed for heat index warnings.